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Kashmir Rental Bikes > Rental FAQ

Frequently Asked Question About Kashmir Bike Rentals

We receive 100’s of phone calls and emails from the riders from the globe asking these below given questions regarding the Kashmir Bike Rental and Ladakh Bike Rental.


Where Can i get my booked Bikes ?

You can collect your bikes from our Rental Studio – KASHMIR RENTAL BIKES, Reyazteng, Khanyar, Srinagar or contact us for easy reach just contact on 97963333325.

Is it important to book before arrival?

Yes it’s important to book in advance since in the peak season it’s become little bit difficult for our customers to get the bike of their choice if it is not booked earlier, moreover if you are planning for a complete package tour you must book it in advance.

How to book the bike/tour package in advance?

For booking a bike/tour package you have to deposit 40 % of the total as advance deposit.

and pay your remaining 60% on first day of rental/tour

How much to pay security deposit?

For security purpose we required one of your valid ID proof and an amount of iNR 5,000 in cash, which is refundable once the rental period is over.

Can we get a route map from you?

Yes, we will provide you a route map as per Tour.

What things do you provide with bike?

Besides Bike we provide all the accessories like Carrier, helmets, Gloves, Cans (for extra fuel ) etc on nominal charges and a supporting vehicle for long tours

Is it safe to ride a over there?

Regarding biking you have to follow some precautions while riding since the roads are full of surprises with sudden turns and mostly narrow and in the mountains, so one has to ride the bike with almost care by following the rules .

If in case got some problem with the bike on the way?

Mostly such kind of thing doesn’t happen with the bikes of Ladakh bike rental since we are the most reputed company in Leh with the perfectly maintained bikes and new bikes adding to our fleet every year but still if you got such kind of problem you have call us immediately and we are there to support you or you can leave the bike at the place and do inform us while you can reach to your hotel by taxi or by taking lift.

Can i get the bike in Manali or Leh?

Yes, you can get the Bikes in Leh or Manali but for that you have to pay an extra amount.

What is the rent timing?

Rental time starts from 8 Am to 8 Pm.

Do you guide us about the places in KASHMIR & LADAKH?

Yes, we can fully guide you and rent bikes while you were in Srinagar or Leh besides this we operate a complete tour packages on bikes in Kashmir & Ladakh including accommodation in hotels and tents (camps) with our own guide , cooks and helpers.

Minimum number of days for bike rental?

The minimum number of days for renting the bike should be 4 days.

How is the bikes condition?

We Don’t Keep Bikes for too long, We sold them after every 3-5 Years.

The bikes are in perfect conditions, well maintain by KRB Professional Mechanic and we’ll sale brand new bike on sooner booking basis.

When does the Kashmir & Ladakh Motorbiking season starts and ends?

Kashmir Motor-cycle & Ladakh motor-cycle season starts from May till End of October.